Birdbath Quilt

This quilt was has probably been my favorite so far. When I found out that my best friend was having a girl, I got right to work! I happened to be spending Christmas at my in-laws house when I found out. (My mother-in-law is actually the person who taught me to quilt! More on that later!) She has the most amazing fabric collection and all of these came from her stash!


It was the first time I made a quilt with what was on hand instead of shopping for it, and I had so much fun picking out the colors! The main fabric was the coral-ish bunny fabric that came from a 1930s line. From there we selected some orange/pink based fabrics, some grey, and then magenta for a nice pop.

This pink stripe was fun to work with! On the left you can see that the corner stripes were cut on the bias so that they would go diagonally.

After we picked a color scheme, we went with the Birdbath pattern from Elizabeth Hartman’s book The Practical Guide to Patchwork. (PS – her website has some of the most fun patterns I’ve ever seen! You should definitely go check it out!)

It was SO much fun to choose what I wanted to go where. I loved mixing patterns with solids, greys with pinks, and whites with colors.


It was also the first time I fussy cut any fabric instead of just cutting from the edge. I was able to get a lot of fun centers that way!

It was fun cutting into these dark grey swirls, but I knew I wanted one as a center!


This pink flower is probably my favorite center on the whole quilt!

I would love to hear which block is your favorite! I could stare at it all day! I’m so excited for a certain little girl to receive it!

Check back for some more quilts!

Modern Arizona Fabric Quilt

Here’s another fun quilt I finished a while back! It was inspired by the back fabric from Arizona by April Rhodes (Did anyone here watch Glee? I can’t see that name without thinking of Kristin Chenoweth!) . The solids were drawn from the colors in the line. I had a lot of ideas for the front, but eventually settled on doing another half square triangle pattern.

It was actually really fun thinking of different ways to put together the blocks. There are SO many patterns you can make with half square triangles. I used to think they were kind of boring, but after playing around with the blocks to make this quilt, I started to really love them!

I was MUCH more meticulous when I pieced this top together than my previous one, but I still didn’t have a walking foot when I quilted it. Remember when we talked about those wonky lines? Full of character!


It was fun to cut up the back fabric and mimic the line in the front by flipping the fabric and doing a line down the back as well. I tried to minimize waste, but there was a little because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect! It takes me a little bit of time to find the seam because I quilted the straight(ish) lines over it.


I’d love to know what you think about this modern take on half square triangles! Is this something you’d ever try?

What are some of your favorite half square triangle patterns? Comment below to let me know!

Half Square Triangle Quilt

In the past I’ve been terrible about finishing and sending off blankets. So bad that I actually have a quilt top I finished in December 2012 and still haven’t sent it. No more! As I mentioned before, I have promised quilts to several people in the past. I’ve made a goal/promise to finish every quilt I’ve promised by July of this year! That’s 5 months away!

I’ve made great headway on my list of promised/started quilts! It sure helps that I have another goal of doing something crafty every day, so I usually head over to my list and get to work!

Here’s a quilt I made for a friend’s baby (as a lot of my projects are). She liked a pin on my Pinterest before I found out she was having a boy and made a mental note. She doesn’t even know that I’ve made it for him! I hope she likes it!

Keep in mind, this is one of the first quilts I made with half square triangles. I didn’t line them up perfectly, and you can tell, but the design is still pretty cool! I also quilted it with straight lines before I had a walking foot for my machine. The wonky lines just add character, right?

Here it is!


PS- Thanks to my sister for holding up the blankets in wet snow while I took the pictures!

Do you think she’ll like it? Let me know what you think!

Some Finished Blankets

I absolutely love fabric. My collection isn’t as impressive as many that I’ve seen, but I’ve built up a stash over these past few years. I used to promise a quilt for each of my friends’ babies as they were born, but that quickly became very daunting as my friends were having babies faster than I had time sew!

So instead I started making flannel blankets with crocheted edges for them. They’re much faster, super easy, and very cozy!

I’ve had several friends have babies in these past few months, and I’ve been behind on making these blankets for them. I made a goal this year to do something with my sewing/crafting every day, so I finished several of these within a matter of days!

The one on the bottom is for my daughter, Charlotte, and the others will be joining their new owners very soon!


I’m very excited to mail these off! I’ve got a few more in the works right now and they’ll be posted soon!

On another note, I finished the binding on another quilt and I can’t wait to show it off! Stay tuned for more finished projects!

Painting With Poop: How I Knew My Child Was Ready to Start Potty Training

Yesterday I posted about our adventures at the state fair. Well, she fell fast asleep on the way home because we were out during her nap time. We put her down as soon as we got home and she went to sleep with no problems. Later that night before I went to bed I checked on her to see if she was comfortable in her bed. I was NOT expecting to see what I saw: Poop. Everywhere.

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We Conquered the Fair!

Steele’s only day off where we can go out as a family is Thursday, so we’ve tried to make an effort to spend quality time together this day. This week it was the State Fair!

I was a little nervous bringing my 3-week-old baby on such a warm day, but he did just fine! I made sure that he was shaded and I checked his temperature constantly. A few times I took him out so that he could feel the breeze and he really seemed to like that!

Emma loved the “ani-mo-lo-los” (animals)! It is so fun to see a child’s eyes light up as they discover new things!

Walking with daddy looking at all the sheep!

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