The Picture Perfect Introduction

First Family Picture
Our first family picture. Can’t you tell how thrilled Emma is?

I’m a Googler. Is that a word? It should be, because if I ever have a question I look it up on the good ‘ole search engine.

In the months leading up to Emma being born I did a lot of Googling on how to introduce our dog, Cooper, to her. I knew what I wanted to do and everything went exactly as planned.

Then in the weeks before Jake’s birth, I Googled how to introduce an older sibling to a baby. I even Googled baby dolls that I could get her so that she could play with her baby when I had to take care of Jake.

I had a picturesque idea of how it would go down:

Steele (my husband) would go pick up Emma and bring her to the hospital as soon as I was ready to have visitors. Jake would be in the bassinet and I’d give loves to Emma. After a nice bonding moment between mother and daughter, we’d turn on the camera and film the first moment she meets her little brother.

She’d be so excited to hold him that I’d have to remind her to be careful as she snuggles and kisses him.


Emma enters and sees me and immediately wants to sit on my lap. I pick her up and she sees J in the bassinet and she points to it.

“Baby!” she says.

“That’s right! A baby!”

Steele gets the camera and turns it on. The battery has four minutes left. No problem, I have a fully charged battery in the backpack. Quickly switch it so that we can capture this moment!

He can’t get the dang battery to slide into place. Thinking he’s just not used to using that camera, I try as well but have no success. We spend a good five minutes trying to get the battery into the camera and Emma is getting restless.

When he finally gets it in, he turns it on and it also says there is only 4 minutes left. I get frustrated because I made sure that both of these batteries were FULLY charged! I know they were! Ok, let’s not lose our cool. Switch to the point and shoot camera and let’s get rolling.

I settle Emma on my lap and have my sister bring the baby over.

As soon as Jake is close enough for Emma to touch, she pushes him away, “NO!” She almost knocks him out of my hands. I try again with Emma not sitting on my lap so that I can hold Jake better.

“NO!” She pushes him away again.

Ok, she’s just not used to seeing a live baby. Let’s give her the new doll.

“NO!” She throws it on the floor and tries to get off the bed.

I hadn’t expected her to not want anything to do with the new baby, so all I could do was laugh. Good thing we caught it on film so that we can tease her down the road!

Jake and Emma
Even after 4 days, Emma still hadn’t warmed up to Jake! Photo Credit: JKP Photography

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a less than ideal introduction!



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