Weaknesses as a Mom

Weaknesses as a Mom

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mother. As I said in my first post, I had just begun to realize how difficult it is to be a mom to two kids. Well, I feel it more and more every day, and I have seriously questioned my abilities as a mom.

I have worked with children since I was 16 years old as a child care worker, nanny, and preschool teacher. I’m also an Elementary Education major. So to say I have a ton of experience is an understatement. But all of my experience has been with children who weren’t mine. I could call parents to take their sick children home. I got to take a lunch break and rejuvenate. I got to go home at the end of the day.

Being a mother is completely different.

There are no breaks. There is no end of the day. There is no one else.

Just me and Steele.

And since Steele works, a lot of the time it’s just me. Sometimes I feel so completely overwhelmed that I don’t know what to do with myself.

The internet is a dangerous place for those of us who feel like we’re not good enough because we see a whole lot of people who are doing the things we aren’t. I struggle to make good meals for my husband, to keep a clean house, to provide enough physical activities for my daughter.

It’s too easy to compare yourself to others. The problem with doing this is that we are comparing our weaknesses to others’ strengths. It’s not fair. We see someone who is near perfect in what we struggle to do, but we fail to realize that those same people have their own weaknesses. No one is perfect, so we can’t go around comparing ourselves to those seemingly perfect people.

Instead of wallowing in our weaknesses, we need to acknowledge our strengths. I’m not saying to forget about our weaknesses, because we should all strive to be better, but we need to realize that we are more than the things we struggle with.

I may not be good at keeping the kitchen clean, but I am an excellent organizer. Open any closet or drawer and I will know exactly what you will find there. I may not plan daily physical activities for Emma, but I can make a game out of nothing and keep her busy throughout the day.

I struggle to discover my strengths as my weaknesses are move obvious, but every day I try to be a little bit better than the day before!


One thought on “Weaknesses as a Mom

  1. So I’m reading all your posts and am now caught up! Being a mom of two kids is hard! I struggle on a daily bases! I let Beckett was way too much tv so that I can sit down for a second! Selfish right? But I need that little bit of time to relax! He doesn’t nap anyone so it’s hard! Facebook is a very dangerous place to hang out because we compare to other people! But what helps me is when I look at Beckett and know that he is healthy and happy and that I’m doing the best I can! Also when he randomly gives me kisses and hugs! Those are the moments we work so hard for! 😃 hang in there! We can do it! 👍

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