A Letter to First Time Mothers

A Letter to First Time Mothers

Dear First Time Mother,

You are the proud parent of a brand new baby! Congratulations! Words cannot express how you must be feeling, but I can certainly relate. I know that as I write this letter to you that I will get emotional. Thinking about what I’m going to write is already making my eyes tear up.

Your experience of motherhood is one that millions of women have already had, yet yours is completely unique. You will, no doubt, hear, read, and see many ways to raise your child, but no one knows what your child needs better than you.

Your first night home will be extremely scary. You no longer have the 24/7 help of the hospital staff, and you have to rely on who you have at home. But guess what? You will be just fine, I promise! You were born with instincts as a woman that kicked in before your baby even arrived.

Your child will keep you up at night and you will pray for more sleep, but then you’ll panic the first time they sleep through the night.

Your child will cause you more stress than you have ever felt, but they will also be the greatest source of happiness in your life.

Your house may be messy, you may not be showered, your meals may be cereal with milk, but you will know no greater joy.

You will look at your perfect little creation and wonder how you got so lucky.

You will be your child’s best friend. They won’t care how you look, how clean your house is, or how inadequate you feel. They will only know that they love you and see you as their favorite person in the world. There is no feeling better than that.

Mother Best Job in the World

Kisses and snuggles won’t be enough to express your love. Prayers and thanksgiving won’t be enough to express your gratitude. Smiles and laughter won’t be enough to express your joy. You are now a mother, and you have the best job in the world!

Congratulations again!

Sincerely, a fellow mother,



15 thoughts on “A Letter to First Time Mothers

  1. Hi Kristen! Thank you so much for writing this letter. I felt as if you were writing to ME. I am a first time mother. I am due this November. I am scared but very excited. I want to love this child with all my heart, and the closer I get to my due date, the closer I feel for this child! Literally, I can feel the feet and hands of this little one in me. It is truly amazing.


  2. This is perfection. ‘…pray for more sleep then panic the first time they sleep through the night.’
    So. Much. Truth. Mine are now 10, 8 & 5 but the memories of those first days will never fade. The overwhelming love you feel mixed with sheer terror is like nothing else in life. I can officially say from experience that the saying, the days are long but the years are short, is most definitely true. Enjoy the good with the bad, before you know it, they’ll be big kids!


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