Some Finished Blankets

I absolutely love fabric. My collection isn’t as impressive as many that I’ve seen, but I’ve built up a stash over these past few years. I used to promise a quilt for each of my friends’ babies as they were born, but that quickly became very daunting as my friends were having babies faster than I had time sew!

So instead I started making flannel blankets with crocheted edges for them. They’re much faster, super easy, and very cozy!

I’ve had several friends have babies in these past few months, and I’ve been behind on making these blankets for them. I made a goal this year to do something with my sewing/crafting every day, so I finished several of these within a matter of days!

The one on the bottom is for my daughter, Charlotte, and the others will be joining their new owners very soon!


I’m very excited to mail these off! I’ve got a few more in the works right now and they’ll be posted soon!

On another note, I finished the binding on another quilt and I can’t wait to show it off! Stay tuned for more finished projects!


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