Half Square Triangle Quilt

In the past I’ve been terrible about finishing and sending off blankets. So bad that I actually have a quilt top I finished┬áin December 2012 and still haven’t sent it. No more! As I mentioned before, I have promised quilts to several people in the past. I’ve made a goal/promise to finish every quilt I’ve promised by July of this year! That’s 5 months away!

I’ve made great headway on my list of promised/started quilts! It sure helps that I have another goal of doing something crafty every day, so I usually head over to my list and get to work!

Here’s a quilt I made for a friend’s baby (as a lot of my projects are). She liked a pin on my Pinterest before I found out she was having a boy and made a mental note. She doesn’t even know that I’ve made it for him! I hope she likes it!

Keep in mind, this is one of the first quilts I made with half square triangles. I didn’t line them up perfectly, and you can tell, but the design is still pretty cool! I also quilted it with straight lines before I had a walking foot for my machine. The wonky lines just add character, right?

Here it is!


PS- Thanks to my sister for holding up the blankets in wet snow while I took the pictures!

Do you think she’ll like it? Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Half Square Triangle Quilt

  1. I believe your friend will be so delighted to receive this beautiful quilt! It’s a work of art and handmade with love. Who wouldn’t enjoy using this baby quilt which will be an heirloom and hopfullly be passed on to their children! Good for you Kristen, I am so proud of the goals which you have set, and with three little ones running all around you. You go girl!!


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