Modern Arizona Fabric Quilt

Here’s another fun quilt I finished a while back! It was inspired by the back fabric from Arizona by April Rhodes (Did anyone here watch Glee? I can’t see that name without thinking of Kristin Chenoweth!) . The solids were drawn from the colors in the line. I had a lot of ideas for the front, but eventually settled on doing another half square triangle pattern.

It was actually really fun thinking of different ways to put together the blocks. There are SO many patterns you can make with half square triangles. I used to think they were kind of boring, but after playing around with the blocks to make this quilt, I started to really love them!

I was MUCH more meticulous when I pieced this top together than my previous one, but I still didn’t have a walking foot when I quilted it. Remember when we talked about those wonky lines? Full of character!


It was fun to cut up the back fabric and mimic the line in the front by flipping the fabric and doing a line down the back as well. I tried to minimize waste, but there was a little because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect! It takes me a little bit of time to find the seam because I quilted the straight(ish) lines over it.


I’d love to know what you think about this modern take on half square triangles! Is this something you’d ever try?

What are some of your favorite half square triangle patterns? Comment below to let me know!


Let me know what you think!

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