Birdbath Quilt

This quilt was has probably been my favorite so far. When I found out that my best friend was having a girl, I got right to work! I happened to be spending Christmas at my in-laws house when I found out. (My mother-in-law is actually the person who taught me to quilt! More on that later!) She has the most amazing fabric collection and all of these came from her stash!


It was the first time I made a quilt with what was on hand instead of shopping for it, and I had so much fun picking out the colors! The main fabric was the coral-ish bunny fabric that came from a 1930s line. From there we selected some orange/pink based fabrics, some grey, and then magenta for a nice pop.

This pink stripe was fun to work with! On the left you can see that the corner stripes were cut on the bias so that they would go diagonally.

After we picked a color scheme, we went with the Birdbath pattern from Elizabeth Hartman’s book The Practical Guide to Patchwork. (PS – her website has some of the most fun patterns I’ve ever seen! You should definitely go check it out!)

It was SO much fun to choose what I wanted to go where. I loved mixing patterns with solids, greys with pinks, and whites with colors.


It was also the first time I fussy cut any fabric instead of just cutting from the edge. I was able to get a lot of fun centers that way!

It was fun cutting into these dark grey swirls, but I knew I wanted one as a center!


This pink flower is probably my favorite center on the whole quilt!

I would love to hear which block is your favorite! I could stare at it all day! I’m so excited for a certain little girl to receive it!

Check back for some more quilts!


2 thoughts on “Birdbath Quilt

  1. This birdbath quilt is beautiful and I love the color combination. So very impressive and the quality of work is excellent! You have a very good eye for color and design Kristen, I am thrilled that you truly love the art of quilting. Your very lucky to have a MIL with such tallent in her own right and instilled the fun and enjoyment one can achieve and be proud of,.QUILTING!


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